Welcome to Curtis Signature Sounds 

Curtis Signature Sounds is an audio production company and professional voice over service provider; it’s the only place you’ll need to visit for your next voiceover recording or audio production.  Curtis Jews is a professionally trained voice talent.  His current range of work includes radio and television voice acting with a genuinely friendly and entertaining delivery style. Curtis has a voice style that is well suited for radio and TV imaging, commercials, narration, documentaries, corporate settings, technical communities, e-learning and IVR recordings. He possesses a strong, resonating, accent-neutral voice that has been described as distinguished, smooth, compassionate, comforting, enlightening, educated and rich.

Curtis is a full-time professional voice talent with his own professional recording studio. He is available to quickly respond to a variety of voice talent needs.

Voice Over Services

Typically, a voice over production results in hearing a voice and not seeing who’s doing the talking.  Voice Over Talents or Voice Actors are used to provide a distinctive voice to deliver high quality brand messages for clients that want to capture mindshare or be “top of mind” for their customers. Voiceovers can also be used to entertain, inform, educate, demonstrate and even tell you that ‘the person you’re calling is not available…’ – but that’s just a small sample of what can be provided by Voice Over Services.

Our mission is to provide you with a broadcast quality voice recording and/or audio production at an affordable price with fast turnaround.  Listen to the audio samples (Demos) then contact us so we can get to work on your audio production.

More than just a Voice – A Signature Sound that delivers a message of Success for You.

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